Exploring play and learning through landscape architecture

Facilitating child development and connection to the natural world through nature-based play experiences.

Mitchelton Pre-Schooling Centre is a not-for-profit, community kindergarten focused on providing learning through play experiences in the natural environment. The centre is full of green leafy spaces, timber play structures and gardens for exploration.

With the aim of enhancing the children’s opportunity to learn through a connection to the natural world, VERDé Design Group was engaged to develop the design of the nature-based learning environment.

VERDé completed masterplanning, concept design, design development, contract documentation and contract administration for a variety of projects across the site.

A unique challenge of the project was ensuring continuity of design philosophy and opportunities throughout the Centre whilst being mindful of the requirements of small children (3-5 years) and their safety.

To ensure quality outcomes, VERDé was actively involved in discussions with Centre staff, participating in workshops and observing how children used the spaces. This approach was invaluable to the creation of solutions that adhere to the philosophy of the Centre whilst encouraging child engagement and learning.

The result was a sequence of experiences journeying from the front gate, into the Centre and throughout a series of play spaces.

The design incorporates a large number of established trees and gardens as well as the renovation and retro-fitting of a number of existing structures, play equipment and gardens.

The most significant achievement of the project was the children’s engagement with the various spaces and play opportunities. Ongoing personalisation of the spaces occurs as individual children and staff members apply their imagination to each area.

VERDé's ongoing development for Mitchelton Pre-School Centre will provide a structural design for children that captures an effective nature-based learning program in safe, comfortable and luscious garden surroundings.

Project details

Project name
Pre-Schooling Centre

Pre-Schooling Centre

Project type
Various Play Spaces


29 Kedron St, Mitchelton, 


1951 m2